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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Deposit Contract ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Name of Puppy:__________________________________________________ Puppy Sex:___________ Puppy's DOB:_____________________

Puppy color/markings:________________________________________________________________ Ready on or After:____________________

Dam of litter:_______________________________________________

Sire of litter:________________________________________________

Puppy Price $______________ Deposit Amount $ ______________ Balance Owing: $______________

Balance Due in: CASH or eTranfer Payment (if eTransfer, puppy must be paid in full prior to pick up)

Shipping Fees $_____________ Due By:____________________


The buyer __________________________________________________________ agrees to place a NON-REFUNDABLE & Non-Transferable deposit on the puppy of their choice. The deposit amount comes off the total price of the puppy. The puppy shall remain with Coreena and Edward Batke, Wellwood Pomeranians “Breeder” until the puppy is at least 10 weeks old. Breeder reserves the right to keep the puppy longer if they feel the puppy is not ready to leave the litter (example: too tiny or not fully weaned at 10 weeks old). They may keep the puppy until it is 16 weeks old.

However, puppy must be paid for in full at 9 weeks old for out of province buyers and 10 weeks old for in-province buyers. Puppy must be picked up no later than 12 weeks old, unless arrangements are made with the Breeder to keep the puppy longer.

BUYER: I am aware that my deposit amount is non-refundable and non-transferable should I decide I do not want or become unable to take said puppy. I agree to pay the balance when my puppy turns 9 weeks old (out of province buyers) or 10 weeks old (in province buyer), whether or not I am picking up my puppy then. Shipping fees must be paid 7 days prior to flight date if my puppy is being flown to me.

*Signature of Buyer:___________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________________

Address:__________________________ City:_________________________ Prov/State:_______ Postal Code: ___________ Phone#:___________


BREEDER: I will accept this deposit amount of $_______________ (Cash---eTransfer) to hold said puppy until it is at least 10 weeks old and up to 16 weeks old if I deem it necessary. If the puppy is not paid in full at 9 weeks old (out of province) or at 10 weeks (in province), I have the right to find another suitable home and sell the puppy to another family for full price, and no refunds will be given as the original buyer is forfeiting their deposit. After full payment is made, I agree to care for the puppy up until 12 weeks old, which is when the Buyer is required to have the puppy picked up, unless other arrangements are made.

If the puppy should no longer be available due to illness or accident, I agree to refund the deposit amount to the buyer within 30 days of the puppy becoming no longer available. I agree to refund the deposit amount if the puppy’s vet check that I have done reveals an unforeseen illness, defect or damage. I will have 30 days to issue refund from the vet check date.

Breeder reserves the right to refuse sale at anytime and for any reason, in such a case a full refund will be made within 30 days.

*Breeder Signature:____________________________________________________________ Date_______________________________

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